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Mark Austen

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2020.01.19 - Certified Drones

Despite Britain leaving the European Union in a few days time, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) will sensibly be adopting the European ...more

2020.01.18 - Flying Over Water

The weather station at the bottom of our field indicated that the wind was from the North-West but only around 3 knots so I decided to take ...more

2020.01.14 - More on Drones

Two things to write about today. The first is that there were four new drones announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vega ...more

2019.12.31 - Life Long Dreams

My lifelong dream has been to learn to fly a helicopter. Ever since I found out what a helicopter was I've wanted to fly one. But it is ...more

2019.09.02 - Fast 800 - Week 24

I looked at myself in the mirror this evening and decided that I am starting to look a little gaunt. It is time to stop the diet and start ...more