The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

Naiad's Voyages

These are the voyages of Naiad, a Fairey Falcon dinghy in the fashion of Shoal Waters.

Captain's Table

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Naiad's Reconstruction

For details of the reconstruction of Naiad you should see the reconstruction project log.

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Latest News on the Naiad Voyages.

2017.09.26 - Modifying Sails
The modification to the mainsail did not take long. I cut off the excess, folded the sail to form a hem and clamped pieces of wood over the ...more
2017.09.13 - Figuring Out the Problem
Something has been bothering me about Naiad since my last sail but until yesterday I couldn't figure out exactly what it was. After work ...more
2017.09.09 - Another Early Sunday Morning Sail
Since the forecast for the period of 3am to 9am was force 2 gusting 3, I set my alarm from 05:45. I know disgustingly early for a Sunday. ...more
2017.09.03 - So How is it Going?
That is a very good question and to which the answer is very well, not so well and middling. As expected the time I get to spend on Naiad is ...more
2017.06.28 - Changes and Voyages
A fair bit of work has been carried out in the last couple of weeks but not enough individually to warrant a separate post for each. So they ...more