Captain's Table

Mark Austen

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2020.06.14 - Back to the Workbench V

The task for the day was to complete the router table as far as possible....more

2020.06.08 - Back to the Workbench IV

A short entry today although the work undertaken for today was was not short at all.The task was to complete the router table structure and ...more

2020.06.07 - Back to the Workbench III

The task for the day was the slots in the workbench for the T-tracks....more

2020.06.04 - Birthday Gifts

My parents don't give me a physical gift for my birthday, instead they give me a sum of money with which to buy something I fancy. This is ...more

2020.06.03 - Back to the Workbench II

The UNC machine screws arrived today so this afternoon I continued with the next part of the router table section of the workbench....more