The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

Naiad's Voyages

These are the voyages of Naiad, a Fairey Falcon dinghy in the fashion of Shoal Waters.

Captain's Table

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Naiad's Reconstruction

For details of the reconstruction of Naiad you should see the reconstruction project log.

Latest News on the Naiad Voyages.

2018.04.20 - Odds & Ends
It is too hot to do much physical work on Naiad today, pretty much like yesterday and that is good as it gives the paint a chance to harden ...more
2018.04.19 - Painting the Boot Top Part II
The second coat of the boot tops done without taping. I ran out of tape yesterday so bought some more but when I went to use one of the new ...more
2018.04.18 - Painting the Boot Top Part I
An early start to the Naiad work today, the temperature is forecast to exceed 20 Celsius and whilst the temperature is high I wanted to get ...more
2018.04.17 - Painting the Topsides Part II
With the temperature just touching 20 Celsius today the first coat of topsides paint was totally dry by the time I started the second coat. ...more
2018.04.16 - Painting the Topsides Part I
A good day weather-wise and as soon as I had finished work I headed down to the workshop. first on the list was the sanding of the topsides, ...more