Captain's Table

Mark Austen

I first heard of re-enactment many years ago when a friend that I used to play D&D with mentioned that he and a number of friends belonged to ECWS, the English Civil War society and who was constantly revilling the Sealed Knot, a rival re-enactment group. I was interested in what he did but not enough to go along despite his repeated invitations. He was a gunner and made his own firearms for the period and had a great time doing it.

Fast forward 30 years or so and I meet someone that I get on with very well who is also a re-enacator, only this time I did not refuse the invitations and thus had my first event at the Battle of Bosworth in 2009, near Market Bosworth, where Richard III was killed and which marked the end of the War of the Roses since he was the last major Yorkist claimant to the throne of England and Henry Tudor, of the House of Lancaster became Henry VII King of England, the first Tudor king.

Sounds complicated? It is, very, and historians argue about various aspects of it still today. Just look at the controversy surrounding the death of the Princes in the Tower.

Here are a few photos from the few events I have taken part in to whet your appetite. The articles that I present on this page and links from this page will be about the events, the history and the items we make and use.