The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.08.24 - Side Decks - Part 1

Although today was as hot as yesterday there was enough of a breeze blowing to make it feel a little cooler so I decided that today's task would be to cut the side decks and fix the pieces together. I must be getting better at this since I worked steadily for three hours and did not make a single mistake, nor did I begin to feel tired. Stamina must be increasing which is a good thing.

The battens to which the cabin side will be attached need to be bent and attached to the underside of the side decks and then the gunwales planed where necessary to ensure the the slope on the side decks is smooth and not too steep. The decks will be screwed to the gunwales after this is done and the edges trimmed flush with the gunwale. After that the side decks will be removed so that the rubbing strake can be steamed and bent to shape and that will mean clamping it to the hull which cannot be done if the side decks are fitted. Only when the rubbing strakes are bent and cooled will it be possible to fit the side decks in place permanently.

The gammon iron also need to be fitted but not fixed before the rubbing strakes are steamed. I'm planning on doing the bending of the rubbing strakes in 10 days time and I have another two day event in there as well leaving just 8 days to get everything ready for the steaming.

Ready for marking out the side deck panels.

But first, a cup of tea and I decided to use the folding kettle and the stove I'll be installing on Naiad. It worked well and I did not find the tea tasting odd as I do when the water is boiled in an aluminium kettle. I'm such a sensitive soul…

The panels are all marked out and ready to cut. The idea is to cut closely to the inside edge but cut wide of the outside edge allowing me to trim the side decks when they are in place.

The starboard side loosely clamped in place.

And likewise the port side.

The port side is fractionally different from the starboard side as you can see here…

…and here…

…and here. These gaps will be filled with… thickened epoxy and sanded flush.

The backing pads that will be glued under the joins.

Here the backing pads have been glued to the underside of the side decks and clamped. Hopefully this will give me two side decks that are ready to have the battens steamed and bent to fit the inside curve.