The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.08.25 - Side Decks- Part 2

The forecast for today is hot, possibly as hot as yesterday but will feel hotter due to the absence of a good breeze. Coupled with the fact that today is shopping day I decided to do some work on Naiad in the cool of the early morning. I was also itching to see how well the side decks had come out. So armed with camera and cuppa I transferred my presence to the workshop and unclamped the clamps that were holding the backing pads in place whilst the epoxy cured. All released without problem except one where the epoxy had squeezed up through the butt joint and had glued the piece of wood that I was using to prevent the clamps from marking the surface of the deck to the deck and in removing it I also removed some of the top veneer of the plywood. My fault, I had placed plastic under all of the other pieces of wood on the other five joints and had forgotten to do this one. So yesterday was not a mistake free day after all.


Still, the next job was to adjust the side decks to fit, there had been a little movement when I adjusted the clamps yesterday, and then set to with thickened epoxy to fill the gaps that I showed yesterday where the port side was fractionally different to the starboard side and also to fill in the missing veneer there it had been ripped off.

I extended the gammon iron pad that I made two days ago and it was not quite wide enough and glued that up yesterday after I had glued the side decks. I planed the excess off using the power plane and then used a surform to adjust the new, wider pads to fit correctly as you can see in the photo below.

The side deck is now one piece each instead of four pieces, the decks have been trimmed to fit lengthways and the gaps filled with epoxy.

The gammon iron with the new widened and adjusted pads.

What you see here is one of these can't miss offers that really is a saving. I had only a dozen cramps, six F-cramps and the rest are G-cramps. This is not enough for boat building especially when steam bending long timbers. I managed to cope when steaming the gunwales firstly by steaming them on two different days and secondly by using screws where I didn't have enough cramps to fit.

When I steam and bend the rubbing strakes I want to do them on the same day and I'll need to put a cramp every 12" or so. I can't use cramps in the area of the foredeck but that still leaves around 14' of timber needing cramps on each side.

I was looking around for cramps on the Internet when I found an offer for a set of ten 6" cramps for less than half price. That made the deal very good right there and two thirds of the cost of the cheapest 6" cramp I could buy elsewhere. Not only that but the company was giving a 15% discount for August and I also had another 15% discount for being a good customer.

I bought 2 boxes totalling 20 cramps and here they are.

I hope I bought enough!