The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.08.30 - Side Decks- Part 4

Apart from doing a little bit of varnishing, today's task, after another weekend away, is to start getting the hull ready for the steaming of the rubbing strakes. That means trimming the side decks, adjusting the slope of the side decks and generally getting them to the state where they can be fixed in place.

The major issue is to decide what to do about the fact that in a number of places the slope of the side deck does not match that of the gunwales. There are a number of options. I could plane the gunwales to match the required slope, I could glue extra pieces on the gunwale and plane them to fit or I could dollop lots of thickened epoxy on the gunwales when the side decks are fixed.

The problems with the first solution are that I would end up with a wavy gunwale along the length unless I planed it all. The second problem is that it would also be lower than the port gunwale. This would not be the case with the second solution but not only is it a lot of hard work and a waste of a fair bit of good wood, but getting it right is not a straightforward job with the tools I have. The problem with the last solution is that there will be a large amount of thickened epoxy required.

Still, after thinking about it while I did the vanishing work, I decided that the epoxy route is the one I'm going to use since not only does it not waste wood but it is quick and easy and finally, it uses the side deck to obtain the correct angle.

In general the slope of the side deck is about right to my eye and since I'm the one that's going to be looking at it mostly, mine is the only opinion that counts here.

But, there are a number of sections where the gunwale does not meet the deck meaning that the slope of the gunwale does not match that of the desired slope one the side deck. In some places it is a significant gap…

…and in others is is not so drastic.

The port side deck is much the same. The slope is good and appears to match the slope of the starboard side deck.

But the slope of the gunwale does not match, although on this side there is less of a difference.

Still, the inner edge of the side deck needs to be trimmed using a sander.

And to show the difference, here is a before picture of the port side.

And the after picture of the same.