The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.09.02 - Galvanising

Today's main task was to take the centre plate and tabernacle to the galvanising people. This was a three hour trip, all told, which is why it's the main task of the day. There were other tasks, like preparing for a friend to visit. He will be assisting with the steaming of the rubbing strakes and making the cabin side templates and, if there is enough time, making the cabin sides themselves. The template blank is made from 6mm plywood and is very floppy due to its length of 13' and it will require two people to move it around, taking it off the boat, cutting it and putting it back on the boat especially since there is nothing hold it in position. I may need to put four or five screws through the template and into the batten. The position of these holes will be transferred to the real cabin side so that the screw holes are reused.

Before I set off to the galvanisers I cut a 8' x 4' piece of low quality 6mm plywood in half lengthways and glued the two pieces together with a butt joint to form a piece 16' x 2'. This will form the cabin sides template. Being so thin this is very difficult to carry around.

The template blank was cut to the correct length and carefully put in place. There's nothing to clamp it to so the after end rested on the bridge deck and the forward end had a cramp attached so that it did not slip down into the boat.

I was happy to note that the butt joint fell at a very convenient point. The aft end of the cabin will rest on the forward edge of the bridge deck and you can see here that the butt joint is just forward of that position.

If the template had been placed in the hull the other way round, the joint would have been closer to the forward end of the boat where the curve of the side decks is more pronounced.

As it stands the joint is in an area of little curvature meaning that there is no reason to make the join with a scarf on the real cabin sides. I'll put a vertical beam in the corners of the cabin and this will cover and reinforce the butt joint nicely.

And since the difference between the edge of the cabin and the butt joint is not large, around 7/8", the beams will not need to be large. One of the photos I have of Shoal Waters' interior shows that she has a beam in these two corners of about 2" x 1" which suggests that this is also the position of a join in her cabin sides although such a join is not visible on the outside.