The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.09.05 - Website Disaster II

Not much work done on Naiad to day nor for the next few days as I'm trying to get the Naiad Reconstruction Project Log up to date. There is also a large amount of house project work to be done and now is the time to do it. Naiad may be a little neglected for a few days.

The join shown here has cured solidly but there has been a little absorption of the epoxy in to the plywood that makes it look like the joint is not good. I'll fix that when I next epoxy something.

The smaller of the two joins is very good but I'm not even sure I'll need it. I may end up sawing it off when the aft end of the cabin is fitted. We shall see.

The reinforcing of the forward wall of the chain locker has gone well, so the aft wall is next.

The aft wall of the chain locker has been made from offcuts rather than use a larger piece of plywood.