The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.09.12 - I knew It!

So today's task was to fit the side decks. I decided to do the port one first as it requires no padding to get it to be the correct slope when fastened down. I checked this by putting both side decks in place, lightly clamped, placing a long straight edge across both hulls and measuring the distance from the straight edge to the outer edge of the hull vertically. Since the side decks rise so that any water that gets on them rolls off, the straight edge rested on the inner, higher edges of the side decks. I compared the measurements on both sides and in order to get the starboard one to be the same a the port one I must not clamp it tightly down for about half the length of the deck about amidships. So by doing the port one first I can use a straight edge as before when fitting the starboard side and tighten the screws and cramps just enough to get the correct slope.

Or I would have done but I ran out of cramps just fitting the port side. I knew I should have bought more cramps when I had that fantastic discount, I knew it!

The port side deck glued, screwed and clamped.

The screws are set every 6" and the cramps in-between each pair of screws.

Oh, and there's another thing. I can't get in. Seriously, with the side decks in place I can no longer use the 10" high blocks of wood as steps when climbing into the hull. I could put one on top of the other but that would be somewhat rickety and I do not want to be singing soprano accidentally. So, I'd better get a pair of higher steps. These look quite good. Not too expensive, 20" high, 12" wide and 28" long. They fold up too.

Probably quite a lot safer than the two chunks of tree trunk that I'm using at the moment.