The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.09.13 - Side deck - Part 7

The forecast for today was for very hot weather so I went down to the workshop in the cool of the early morning, took the cramps off the port side deck then glued screwed and clamped the starboard side. After the hottest September day since 1911, once the temperature had fallen to slightly more comfortable levels I went back out to the workshop and removed the cramps from the starboard side.

So here we are, both side decks are now fitted in place. I'll lightly sand the inner edges which will leave them ready for the bevel to be added to the side decks to set the correct angle for the cabin sides. This will not be an easy job since the concave curve means that I'll not be able to use the plane but will have to resort to the sander to get the bevel. Oh well, I think this will probably be the last really difficult job to do on the boat. The next three tasks are to cut the bevel on the inner edges of the side decks, butt join the cabin sides together and then cut the holes for the port lights and the open faced storage in the cabin sides prior to rising them to the side decks.

Probably more early morning work for this, the hot weather is forecast to last for another two or three days yet.