The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.09.30 - I'll Finish This Then Take a Break...Oops!

One of the many nautical sayings goes like this...

'...The time to take in a reef is when you first think of it...'

What usually happens is you think about taking a reef then decide to wait a bit. By the time you finally decide you should take in a reef it's blowing too hard and the job is dangerous. You should have taken in the reef when you first thought of it.

I now have a new saying along those lines. It goes like this...

'...the time to take a break is when you first think of it...'

Here's why...

This afternoon's work went well. Nothing too difficult, just make two curved pieces of plywood to form the back of the cockpit coaming and the front of the cabin. I started with the back piece.

Looks good, doesn't it?

Here it is from the back. Oh, it will need a slight trim but not a lot and it will have a piece of plywood over it anyway.

Here is the other end, the from of the cabin. Again, it looks quite good.

There is a gap between it and the foredeck but that will go away when the plywood is fitted properly as I will push it forward to fit in the correct place once I figure out how I'm going to hold it there while the epoxy cures.

So what's with the odd saying?

Well, I'd cut out the front piece and cut the angle on the bottom edge to fit the deck and realised that I needed to do the same for the top edge. I thought to myself that I'd just finish that bit off and then take a break. So I went ahead and cut the angle at the top.

And here it is. Can you see the mistake? Yes, that's right I cut the angle the wrong way! I should have taken the break when I first thought of it. So, I started again.

Here is the second attempt next to the first so you can see the difference.

Now I'm taking a break. I'll know what to do next time I think 'I'll just finish this then take a break'...