The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.10.01 - The Poop Deck

I decided that I'd try to get the poop deck done in the remainder of the weekend. The main reason for this is that I want to be able to put a plank in the cockpit on props, sit on the plank and put my arm on the poop deck and also the coaming. I'll adjust the height of the plank until the seating position is comfortable and that will define the height of the seats in the cockpit. It is also a small piece of work that I should be able to do by tomorrow evening.

So what does the poop deck look like?

Here is a photo where you can see what I'm talking about. It is the raised deck under Charles' left elbow. It wasn't there originally, when I learnt to sail in Shoal Waters she just had the 9" wide after deck and Charles added the extra deck shortly afterwards.

I will be adding a capping piece to the edges of the coaming but for now I just put a couple of off-cuts the correct width and height in the place where the capping will go as the poop deck overhangs the rail.

The curve of the transom was used to draw out the required shape for the front part of the poop deck on a piece of plywood that had been used as a template for part of the side decks. The shape is at the top of the plywood drawn in pencil.

These are all the bits of veneers that I have left over from making the ribs and stringers, hopefully there should be enough to make two beams to go under the poop deck. It will need to support my weight at times so just using unbraced plywood is probably not a good idea.

The first beam being glued up over the transom.

Note the use of the plastic to prevent the beam from sticking to the after deck.

The forward piece was cut as a template and adjusted to fit correctly, the shape transferred to marine play and cut out and a thin batten used to trim the edges to a smooth curve.

A close up of the batten and part of the plywood that will be trimmed off.

And here it is gone!

The front piece now rounded at the bottom edge and ready for the next step.

Two supports were cut out and screwed in place on the coaming.

And finally the piece in position.

Time for a break.