The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.10.01 - Making the Deck

I learnt two things during my last work session. Firstly the plywood of the poop deck will not need two beams, only one and secondly I'm going to need another sheet of marine plywood!

This afternoon's second task was to cut out the deck portion of the poop deck. I didn't make a template for this but measured several times, then marked the plywood then cut it over size so that when I offered it up to the boat I could mark the correct cutting lines.

So, here we go, the measured lines on the plywood.

Offered up and marked correctly.

Then cut and put back in place to check the fit.

At this point I leant on the deck with most of my weight and it barely flexed. So, one beam required not two. This deck will not be permanently fitted to the hull, I'll hold it down with four screws or so, or maybe some latches underneath. I'll probably want to remove it now and then to get to the back of the stowage underneath.