The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.10.03 - Back to the Bunks and Stowage

The first order of the day was to inspect the poop deck. The epoxy cured properly and it looks pretty good. Once the latches have arrived and been installed I'll probably lightly sand it and then cover it with one or two coats of epoxy. I've noticed that the side decks are getting quite grubby from the constant use, which doesn't matter for the side decks but the poop deck should stay clean and tidy if nothing else than to save me extra work tidying it up before treating it.

The rudder stock looks quite good as well. Not totally smooth but no runs that I can see and there's no getting away from dust in the workshop so a slightly rough finish is expected.

I put a plank on a milk create and some blocks to see how the thwarts in the cockpit are going to go but decided that I'll need to improvise a cabin top before I can fix the seat height as it is very difficult to gauge where the top will be in order to see over it.

I did notice that in getting in and out of the boat now I used the bridge deck a lot and needed to support the aft edge before it cracks. So the first task was to do just that. A square batten was cut to length and screwed to the underside of the bridge deck leaving space to put 9mm plywood behind it and then fashioned two uprights to support the centre section.

Having finished that I moved on to the forward bunks and stowage. I had decided to put in another semi-bulkhead upon which bearers can rest. These in turn will support slats that will support the bunk mattresses.

The poop deck with the cramps removed. The aft end still needs to be held down but that will be taken care of when the latches are fitted. I will also need to fit some stops along the underside aft since if you push it from the front it will move a little. I probably don't really need to do that but it certainly will not hurt.

The modified bridge deck. Both the athwartship and vertical battens can be seen here, It make the bridge deck very sturdy.

The template for the semi-bulkhead.

And the finished item in place but not fixed just yet. I still need to notch the upper edge to hold the stringers that support the slats. You can see these lying on the bulkhead in the photo.

A lip was added to the first semi-bulkhead to support the aft ends of the stringers.

A third semi-bulkhead will be added just aft of the Samson post and stringers will be led forward to rest on that as well. The stringers and slats from the middle semi-bulkhead and forward about 12" will need to be stronger than the rest as they are directly below the fore hatch which will be a means of escape should there ever be a fire in the cabin. That means it will need to be strong enough to stand on and then hop up through the fore hatch.

I don't make the rules I just have to follow them.