The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.10.05 - Poop Deck Latches

The four latches for the poop deck arrived today as did the slats for the stowage, but as today is also shopping day, I didn't get much time to do anything this evening. The task I set myself was to add the hook part of the latches to the poop deck. This involved cutting battens and fitting them to the underside of the deck. Once this was done the four hooks could be screwed to the battens.

This is the completed job. The four hooks can be seen at the four corners of the poop deck and the latches themselves are on the deck as well for reference. The battens are just screwed in place for the moment, then will be epoxied later. I have some epoxy work to do on the bunk stowage bulkheads, but not yet enough to use a single pump of epoxy. The next part of the poop deck will involve adding more battens to the coaming to which the latches will be mounted. Then I should have enough epoxy work for a pump.

Here is a closer look at two of the hooks.

These are the slats for the stowage. There are 136 of them, and I think I have enough. Some of these will be used on our medieval bed but the majority will be used in Naiad. These are 35mm x 17mm x 900mm or 1 3/8" x 5/8" x 35 7/16" approximately. They are cedar which is going to be ideal for this purpose.