The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.10.07 - More Slats Part I & II

It's been a good day so far, and I have completed the construction of the storage and bunk slats although they may need a little trimming later on. Part I, completed before breakfast, was the port side bunk slats and Part II the forward or forepeak slats.

The was the state of the bunks before breakfast this morning.

The forepeak slats, although a lot smaller, took twice as long to do mainly because I used a lot of the off cuts from the previous two bunks. This involved climbing in and out of the boat multiple times to trim the ends of slats that were too long but as you can see here, I found enough to do the job. The very front one and the next to last back one were put in right across the hull and the supporting stringers nailed to these. It would have been an impossible job to do otherwise. The slats were then hot-glued to the stringers so that I could get the whole thing out of the boat without disturbing the arrangement.

And here we are, spacers removed and ready for nailing. I'm using stanalised nails, by the way, that's galvanised but not by hot dipping, so I'll not need to worry about rust.

The correct way up, all slats nailed on and the points of the nails bent over and hammered into the slats.

The two sides were then cut apart since the whole thing will not come out of the forepeak when the compression post is installed and that would make it very awkward to get to the stowage under the slats.

This is how they look back in the boat, notice the three un-spaced slats at the aft end, this is the additional strengthening that I mentioned in an prior post.

And here are all three in position. there is a little bit of upward spring on the back, right-hand side due to the stringer being a little bent, but when the bunk cushions are put on it this will be pressed down and will probably, eventually, stay flat.

So far a good morning's work and my next task is the cabin seating.

First, a cup of tea.