The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.10.08 - The Galley - Part I

It seems that my construction of the poop deck has been so accurate that the additional very small change in dimensions caused by the epoxy has made the fit very tight indeed. It is just as well that the poop deck will not be moved very often, perhaps once or twice a season. Even so, once the entire thing has been epoxy coated I expect that the thing will no longer fit at all and some remedial carpentry will be required.

Still, having put everything back together that got epoxied or sealed yesterday it was time to start the galley. Firstly the 'sit on the new cabin seat and gaze at the spot where the galley will be with a cup of tea and think' session, building the thing in my head so that I know how it is going to be put together. Then the start.

Only one photo for this post. I suppose I sat and thought for about 30 minutes before putting pencil to wood but what you see is the result of two hours work. It's not that the carpentry takes that long but the making of the template. The piece you can see under the bridge deck and butts up against the hull needs a template. The fit is very good, as you can see, but only because the time was spent on a piece of thick card cutting and measuring until the card fitted exactly. Only then was the shape transferred to the plywood and the piece cut out.

Now for the rest of the the galley.