The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.10.09 - Lazarette Stowage

The remainder of the afternoon was spent putting in the frame to hold the lazarette slats, cutting the slats and gluing as many as could be done.

Here are the slats on their frame.

And this is where I left the project for this weekend, most of the slats being glued to two of three frames. You can see the slats that are not being glued as they are not there. Tomorrow's task, or one of them, is to fit the slats beck into the lazarette and glue them to the remaining frame piece which is screwed to the transom. Notice that I have used two triangular pieces of wood screwed to the two frames to hold them in the correct position relative to each other. Two more slats will replace each triangle once the salts are in the lazarette.

So, a good weekend's work on Naiad again,