The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.10.10 - Cockpit Seats I

Before I had breakfast I went and checked on how the lazarette slats were doing. They were fine so the rest of my day continued normally until this afternoon when I started working on Naiad. The remainder of the slats were glued in place and the whole thing fitted into the lazarette.

Following that I made a start on the cockpit seats. The starboard one first as I'd already made the partition for that side.

The front of the slats and support will be covered with a lip to hide the ends of the slats and also to stop things from falling off the slats when in use.

Here's how it looks with the poop deck in place.

The front and outboard supports are in place and the two pieces that for the seat have been cut out.

The inboard piece will lift up like this on hinges to provide access to the locker. The two g-cramps are just there as I haven't put in the aft support yet. They stop the seat from falling down at the aft end.

The outboard piece will be fixed in place and will have the hinges attached.

Although it doesn't look much different than one of the photos above, this one has the after support in place as well.

Tomorrow I will work on the side of the locker, the hinges and the latch.