The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.10.14 - Cockpit Seats III

The starboard cockpit seat is coming along but I do hope that the port one doesn't take so long. For a start the templates are time-consuming to make and are quite fiddly and if that were not enough, I should have spent more time contemplating the construction as I've had to go back a step or two a couple of times in order to make a change or cut something before carrying on. For the port side, the existing templates will need only minor adjustments cutting out a great deal of time there and I've built one seat so I should be able to do the next one without having to go back a step or two when I get things out of order.

Still, the seat is almost there.

Yes another template, this time for the upstand. As you can see it is quite a good fit at this stage where I'm concentrating on the edges except the top, but that is after I have been at it for about two hours. It still needs some work but the general shape is done.

And here is the seat as it stands right now. The upstand is now marine plywood and the latch has been fitted. All that is left to do is to put in the holes and screws in the outboard edge of the seat itself and a couple along the aft edge. Then take it all to pieces and seal the bits that need sealing and put it back together again. Then it should be finished.

Even as I started the construction I had not decided whether there should be an aft end to the locker or to leave it "open plan". In the end I left it open for two reasons. Firstly it allows me to put things into the locker that are longer than the locker length would be if I put in the aft end and secondly it allows me to get the the very outboard side of the lazarette. If there were an end to the locker, the I would have difficulty in getting to parts of the lazarette.

This did mean putting in the bit you can see above to stop the lower aft corner of the locker from moving about.

Here is a view inside the locker facing aft. You can see the wedge shown in the photo above from the inside.

The latch is upside down. It is normally mounted the other way up but the means that if you forget to move the arm out of the way when you close the lid it can get trapped under the locker lid and pull out the screws when you sit on it. This way it is impossible to have that happen.

So, a lot of hard work but not a lot to show for it.

I can, however, now sit in the cockpit. Progress.