The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.10.16 - Port Cockpit Locker I

I had to get the beast out this morning aa the temperature in the workshops just a little too low for comfort. It soon warmed the place up and it was comfortable again. The plot today is to start the port side cockpit seat and locker which is slightly different from the starboard side as you see as the story progresses.

The beast ready for action.

As you can see, the weather is not the best this morning, I'll not be able to cut wood outside until the rain stops.

The reason that the port side locker arrangement is different from the other side can be seen from the photo above. On the starboard side, the left side as you look at the photo, access to the area under the bridge deck is easy. There is access from the foot well, down the side of the seat from the top and access from the underside of the seat by lifting out the slats.

On the other side, you still have access from the footwell but the rest of the space is blocked by the galley.

So, the first template for the day...

..and the resulting partition. Since to only way to see this will be to stick your head into a locker, I decided not to cut it out as one piece but to make it out of the some of the offcuts. It will be epoxied up later.

And this is were it goes.

You can see above that half the space under the bridge deck is now accessible from the port side cockpit locker. The large template from the starboard side was almost an exact fit for the port side, so the cutting out of the plywood for the port side was fairly trivial, or should have been. As I have mentioned before, using a template usually results in a very tight fit and you have to be careful when trimming the workpiece.

I wasn't and cut off slightly too much at the bottom leaving a wedge-shaped gap at the top. I'm not going to remake the piece, nor am I going to try to cut out a filler piece. Instead I'm going to use epoxy filler and leave it at that. If it bugs me too much during the first season or two then I'll take it apart and re do it.

The view from the inside of the cabin shows that the other half of the space under the bridge deck is accessible from the cabin foot well.

The first three-part partition being glued up...

..and the fillets are now done on the cooker box.

I think that will be all for today, I could do some more but a restful evening is probably a good idea.