The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.10.17 - Port Cockpit Locker II

I'll soon be needing to find a safer way to get into and out of the boat. The steps I have are fine but that will stop being the case once the port cockpit seat is completed. At that point I either have to step onto the seat and then down into the cockpit footwell or stretch as far as I can and hop from the foot on the step to the foot not quite reaching the bottom of the footwell. One slip whilst the latter is under way and I'll be in just a little pain.

So, I now have to think about how to make the step on to the seat safe and I think what is required is something like a post to hold on to whilst I am getting in to or out of the boat. It is just something to steady myself, not something that needs to support my entire weight, which is just as well.

The task today was to continue the port cockpit seat and during the construction of the inboard upstand the blade on my jigsaw broke and made a mess of the plywood. I cut and planed it back to a smooth edge but the piece no longer fits correctly. I could remake it, I suppose, but I think I'll be able to get away with it. I will be adding quarter-round mouldings on a lot of the right angles joins and that should cover up the gap that the jigsaw caused.

Not surprisingly, apart from that, the work went well. The template from the starboard side fitted the port side and I have the inner frame and the inboard upstand completed leaving just the seat top to build and fit. I expect that to take the better part of two evenings as I have ti cut and plane the oak plank before I can start cutting it. I also have to buy some more jigsaw blades