The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.10.18 - Port Cockpit Locker III

Having bought some new jigsaw blades the main task for the day was to prepare the seat top. This involved cutting the oak plank into a 12" width and the rest, planing the 12" width to match the thickness of the rest of the oak in the boat and then to cut out the two parts. As before the template used on the other side fitted well enough for the port side and the two pieces were quickly cut out. The hinges were then fitted and the reinforcing strip attached to the back. By the end of the work time the cockpit seat had the frame and inboard upstand fitted and the seat top in place but not finished.

The reinforcing strip will need to be cut to allow the hinges to work, the batten needs to be fitted to the inboard edge where the latch will go and the opening part cut out, then the seat can be assembled completely.

Once that is done it will be disassembled, sealed and put back together again. I will need to go to a wood yard and get some quadrant moulding to use for putting in the corners.

I also realised that I have missed something out of the design of the boat. A heater. Shoal Waters has a parabolic radiant heater of the type that screws to the top of a Camping Gaz bottle and is considered to be highly dangerous these days.

You can get them but I don't have and don't want gas onboard.

Heaters come in four varieties. Electrical, gas fuelled, liquid fuelled or solid fuelled. I do not have the electrical capacity to run electrical heating, so that is out. Gas and liquid fuelled heating will cause me a great deal of trouble with the safety certificate if not be impossible to install for the safety certificate which leave solid fuelled heating. There are a few solid fuel boat heaters to be found but most of them are large and bulky and require a minimum of 3' flue.

All except one, the Hampshire Heaters Marine Heater. It is small, required only a 12" flue as a minimum, produces around 3kW or heat and burns lump wood charcoal, 1kg lasting about 12 hours. Sounds great.

Except the price, £650. Yikes!

I wonder if I really need a heater...