The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.10.20 - Port Cockpit Locker V

I had a spare 45 minutes this morning while I was waiting for a file to upload to my office PC so I decided that this would just be enough time to put the latch on the port cockpit seat. After the slight misalignment of the first latch I decided that a jig was called for so the first part of the task was taken up by making something suitable. The latch fitted very well showing that taking the time to make a jig is usually worth the effort.

While I was fixing the latch in to place I noticed that I had used screws that were too short in two places so I quickly drilled the holes out to fit the longer screws and put those in. Elapsed time 43 minutes. Not bad time estimation there.

The jig with the latch screwed in place.

The latch closes without straining anything.

And that gives me the correct position of the screws.

Job done, as they say.