The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.10.21 - Finishing the Cockpit

Having had a cup of tea and dealt with some work related emails, I set to with the next few tasks. The coamings were rounded and sanded, or the parts that will be held, the poop deck was adjusted for a better fit, the edges of the seats and the bridge deck were rounded and a restraining board was added to the lazarette stowage.

Now, lunch time.

The coamings and seats are rounded off for a more comfortable feel.

The coamings came out quite well despite the curve at one end.

The inside edge of the coamings also rounded and sanded.

The seat and bridge deck edges rounded.

And the restraining lip on the lazarette stowage. I think this might be a little too high but I won't know until I use it so I'll leave it at 3" for now. I'll also add some metal loops at either end and on the inside of the hull so that I can attach a bungee across the seats where the lip stops. I didn't want to make the lip full width as this would stop me from putting objects longer than 39" under the side decks like the boom crutches or the cockpit tent supports.

Apart from the bottom boards this completes the construction of the cockpit. There are a few additional bits to be done, but not until a few other things get done first.

What shall I do next, I wonder?