The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.10.21 - Cabin Stowage

So, for the last task of the day I decided to make the templates for the port stowage and made the three templates required and even cut out one of the pieces. Then the restraining lip on the lazarette slats bothered me so much that I stopped and shortened it until it looked better!

The new height of the restraining lip. That's much better.

The port side stowage. The thin plywood on the galley surface is the template for the bottom of the stowage, the white card on the right of the photo is the template for the forward book shelf end and the plywood just forward of the galley is the aft end of the bookshelf cut out and propped up in place.

Now, should the book shelves go right down to the level of the slats, in the which case the slats will have to be shortened, or should it only go as far as the top of the mattress which will be about the same height as the galley work surface?

Decisions, decisions...