The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.10.22 - Fixing Yesterday's Mistake

It is my habit when leaving the workshop to look at Naiad and contemplate the work done and the work to do and to generally admire her lovely lines. It was during this process yesterday that I noticed that I had made a mess of the port locker.

So today's first task was to rectify the error and then to continue the cabin stowage.

It's not too easy to see but the locker on the right hand side of the photo is not parallel with the keel or the other locker. There are two pencil marks on the hull where the locker should be but it is just over an inch further out that it should be, The top of the locker is correct. So armed with screw driver, drill bits and a hammer I set out to put the bottom bit where it should have been.

A closer look at the two pencil marks.

The job done. Just as well I decided against using epoxy on the lockers!

The port side locker and book case. The book case isn't completed yet but this was a good place to stop for lunch.

This is a view inside the stowage. There is a 2" high lip at the back to stop stuff rolling off the shelf and down into the bilge. It is upright, although it doesn't look like it in the photo. It is tricky work as the screws are small and so is the space so you have to be careful in which order you put things together or you may find yourself trying to do up a screw with little or no space to do it.