The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.10.23 - Continuing With the Stowage

No more work on Naiad got done yesterday. We put a pond liner on the roof of the tack room as the current roof leaks somewhat. That took a couple of hours in the afternoon so I could have done some more on the boat were it not for the fact that I was using a pump-action screwdriver which slipped off the screw and onto my left hand just as I pumped it hard. The cross-point bit went right through the web between thumb and palm. I had to stop and do some first aid, you know, wash, clean, stop the bleeding, apply Aloe Vera, sticking plaster and tape.

We finished the tack room but I decided not to continue on Naiad for the day.

Here is the result of the waterproofing exercise, looks good, no?

So, after a lazy start to today I continued with the book case. Lots of time making the template then the wood and putting it all together.

The template for the bottom of the book case.

And the almost completed item. I just have to round off some edges to finish it.

Then something completely different. I took two old bungees and some latex, cut and threw away the old and disintegrating bungee leaving just the hooks and used the latex to make new bungees.

Like this.

They go under the poop deck to stop the latches from coming undone which they do with the vibration of me climbing in and out of the boat.

I suppose I could twist them few times but no-one is going to see them where the are.

Time for lunch.