The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.10.27 - Cabin Roof

No work done yesterday evening, it was shopping day and I also had some out-of-hours work to do on a client's server. So today was the start of the cabin roof or coachroof as it is known in nautical circles.

I had some long flexible battens from a job a number of years ago and I used four of these to define the curve in the four places I want there to be beams supporting the coachroof. The aft most one I set to a rise of 6" and the foremost one to 3" and with a long straight batten on the top of these I made the rise of the middle two to reach the batten.

The I stood back and looked at it. I think it looks okay, but I'm going to sleep on it a see what I think about it tomorrow.

The four battens laid across the cabin sides.

I made eight of these 'hook' shaped pieces in plywood to hold the battens down.

And this is the result of the curves from the front...

And the back. The aft one will not be so high when the roof is put in since the main hatch will go there and effectively cut the top 2" or so off.