The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.10.28 - Laminating the Coachroof Beams

The main task of today is to get all four of the main coachroof beams laminated. I'll be away this weekend and unable to work on Naiad, so I thought I'd try to get all four beams on formers and by the time I continue working on Naiad next Tuesday, the epoxy should have cured. I'll have problems if it hasn't!

But the first thing to do was to decide on the correct rise to the coachroof. I measured the rise on some photos I have of Shoal Waters and that gave me a figure of 4" at the aft end and 2" at the forward end. I tried these and then the 6" & 3" rise again and in the end Is at on the bridge deck where the hatch will be and (carefully) put my elbows on the beams. The settled things pretty quickly, 6" is too high!

This is the shape of the 4" & 2" rise.

And from the back.

Now two without the straight edge to see if that made it clearer.

It didn't, hence the sitting test.

The former for the aft most beam.

The stops are all angled to fit to the beam correctly.

This section of the aft beam will be cut out to allow the hatch to be put in there, so I'll not epoxy this bit.

This is the next beam forward.

And then the remaining two.

Time for a tea-break.