The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.11.02 - Curved Frames

The adjustment to the aft most frame seems to have worked. There is still a little spring back but a lot less than before. Now I have to deal with the rest of the frame. There will be a vertical piece supporting the end of each of the roof beams and possibly a horizontal piece across the top edge of the cabin sides. I'm not sure how these pieces will join together but the main problem is that none of these is straight. It is going to be necessary to laminate all these pieces in situ using screws since there is no way to use clamps to hold the laminates in place whilst the epoxy cures.

Even the use of screws is going to be hard as the holes for the screws cannot be pre-drilled. The piece of frame will put together without glue and a single hole drilled in the centre. This will be offered up to the correct position and, with the frame bent into place, a hole drilled in the cabin side through the hole in the frame. The frame will then be removed, glued up, put back in position with a plastic liner between the frame and the cabin side and a piece of wood will be used to hold the frame to the cabin side by screwing it from the outside through the drilled hole. After clamping the frame sideways to make sure that all the laminates are lined up, other holes will be drilled where necessary and wood screwed in place to keep the frame at the correct curve.


So, today being shopping day, not much work was carried out, just the laminates cut for the eight vertical short frames.