The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.11.04 - More Laminating

Yesterday was somewhat cold so the work consisted purely of cutting laminates to length ready for today when the forecast temperature was a little higher. Not enough to make a log entry and certainly not enough for even a single photo.

So, the first task of today was to get the rest of the frame glued up and clamped.

The two horizontal beams were clamped to the top of the cabin sides but not glued in place, merely together as they will need to be planed and shaped before fitting. Of the vertical frames, all but two are straight enough not to need to be clamped to the boat so these were glued up and clamped just straight. The laminates for the other two frames got wet from a leak in the roof so I will have to wait until they dry before I can glue them up.

Time for a tea break.

The two horizontal beams clamped to the cabin sides.

You can see that the beam partially covers the hole for the port light. Once the epoxy is cured and the beam planed a curved section will be cut away so that the port light can be fitted.

These are six of the vertical frames