The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.11.05 - And Yet Another Template

The advantage of using the slow harder for the epoxy is that the extended pot life reduces the rush to get the joints made and therefore reduces the errors. The disadvantage, especially at this time of the year when the temperature is low, is that the epoxy takes a long time to cure. The short beams were sufficiently cured to be planed as they are not curved but the long horizontal pieces were not. If I had taken them off the cabin sides they would have started to unbend.

Unfortunately, I cannot cut the roof beams to size nor cut the joints with these frames in place so apart from planing the bits I can, the work on the coachroof has come to a standstill. Hopefully the epoxy will be sufficiently cured tomorrow.

In the meantime I'm looking for small jobs that can be done and completed in less than a day while I wait for the epoxy.

One of these is the template for the centreboard case tops. There will be two, one for when Naiad is sailing and is curved and the second for when she is not and is lower and flat.

This is the shape of the top of the plate.

The plate goes like this when it is raised...

...and like this when it is lowered.

And this is the highest point when it is halfway up, or down.

And here is the start of the template. The curve was drawn by placing a pencil on the top of the blade and moving it from the up to the down position a few times tracing the path on this piece of plywood that was resting on the top of the case. Likewise the flat line was drawn along the top edge of the plate when it was completely raised.

Tea break!