The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.11.05 - Another Small Task

Having decided to carry out only small tasks until the epoxy on the frames has cured, it only remained to chose such as task and this afternoon I decided upon hanging the rudder stock.

This entailed fitting the gudgeons and pintles to the stock and the transom as you will see from the photos below. The rudder stock required some slots cut into the sides in order to allow the fittings to be attached. This was deliberate and means that not only are the fittings held in place by screws by also by the fact that they are set into the stock.

As always, a router jig was knocked up to prevent a curvy slot and ensure a straight one.

The rudder stock slides into the the jig thus.

And the router is set to take off a small amount of wood to make the slot.

The stock is then turned over and a slot of the same depth cut on the other side. The fitting was then offered up to see if it fitted. It did not so the depth of the router was increased a little and more taken out of the slot on both sides. The was repeated until the thing fitted.

Like this.

The second slot was cut lower down the stock but with the same router depth that the last cut made on the top slot, the width of the fittings is the same, and the lower fitting slotted into place as you can see.

The two transom fittings were carefully fitted to the transom after making sure that they were central and that the top of the rudder stock was in the correct position.

Here the rudder has been hung and the old tiller lashed in place to check the position. As you can see, the centre position is correct. Not too low to foul the poop deck and not too high to touch the mainsheet horse. So far, so good.

Here the tiller has been swung as far to starboard as possible and the tiller still does not touch anything...

...and here it is swung completely to port without touching anything. From this photo it looks as though the tiller is touching the horse...

... but you can see from this photo that it does not.

Here is the rudder stock with the temporary tiller removed. Pretty good and I can finish the rudder now that the slots have been cut in the correct place. The bronze sheet bought so long ago has to be shaped and fitted to the top of the stock to hold the tiller, the blade stop fitted to the bottom of the stock, the sheaves fitted in place and a new tiller made.