The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.11.06 - Gluing the Coachroof Beams

I had only one task for today, to get the coachroof beams and the horizontal frames fitted and epoxied in place. To that end I worked fairly quickly since I really needed to get the epoxy work done before mid-afternoon while the temperature was still in the mid-teens.

The two frames were removed from the cabin sides and planed. The beams themselves were cut to length and the frames clamped in place in order to mark the position of the socket required for the beam ends. Having marked the sockets they were cut out and the frames clamped back in place and the beams located in the sockets to check for fit. There are some gaps as my carpentry is not good enough to cut the sockets at the correct angles in 3-dimensions so I'll need to go back over once the epoxy has cured and fill the gaps. The curved section above the port light was also cut and one that was done, the frames were ready to be glued.

By this time it was already 14:00 and by the time the epoxy had been applied, the frames clamped in place and the beams then epoxied into the sockets on the frames, it was 15:15 and I could feel the temperature beginning to drop. But I had achieved my target for today.

Whilst the horizontal frames are clamped in place with eight or nine cramps each side, the beams are held in place by gravity and the long cramps being tightened up to pull the cabin side inwards and hold tight against the ends of the beams.

The aft beam had to be carefully placed as the aft panels of the cabin need to line up with the beam and the edge of the bridge deck whilst also being vertical (ish). I think I managed to get this correct but time will tell. The beam above the heater, or where the heater will go, was moved forward slightly so that the vertical beam that side can be used to help support the heater. As a result the beams no longer line up correctly so I'll have to make some adjustments before the coachroof goes on. Whilst the epoxy on the frames and beams is curing I will cut out and fit the aft parts of the cabin so that the middle section of the aft beam can be cut out followed by laminating two short beams that will form the sides of the main hatch.