The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.11.07 - Trying Out the Coachroof

I was surprised to find that the epoxy I liberally spread around the boat yesterday had cured enough for me to remove the cramps and this mean that I could try the coachroof for size. I clamped a piece of thin plywood over the bit where I will sit and then got in. Two things were immediately obvious. Firstly I had forgotten just what the phrase "full crawling headroom" really meant and secondly installing fore and aft beams either side of the main hatch would be disaster. Every time I leant forward I would clout my head on one or other of the beams. Which is probably why Shoal Waters doesn't have such beams or not that I can see from the photos I have. So, that's out.

I then made a start on a template for the starboard, aft cabin upstand. I made the template in two pieces to make it easier to offer up to the boat and while I waited for the glue gun to heat up I tried to get the rudder off and found that I couldn't. The lower fitting was tight when I put it on and now that the metal had become cold, it would not come off again. In fact the rudder would barely swing from side to side.

In the end I unscrewed the fittings from the transom and used small hammer to gently knock the bottom pieces apart. The top one came apart easily. Ten or fifteen minutes work with some Aluminium Oxide abrasive soon had the bottom fitting sliding together and apart without problems and the glue gun was properly hot.

All cramps removed.

And this is the part where the aft up stands will go.

But first, the headroom test.

Despite the slight misalignment of the beams the plywood bend nicely and was a fairly good fit. I'll probably not have to do much adjusting to get a good fit.

Proof that the sealant is working, a puddle from the recent rain.

The template for the starboard aft upstand propped in place.

The fit for the port side is almost as good. So, next up will be making these from marine plywood. I think I'll make them in two pieces just like I did for the template to reduce wastage and to use up some of the off cuts I have lying around.