The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.11.08 - Making a Doorway

The forecast for tonight is for cold, possibly sleet or snow and I can believe it. The workshop was decidedly chilly.

The task for today was to cut the plywood that will form the aft cabin upstands where the main hatch will go. The first two pieces were cut out from the former made yesterday and these were a good fit. The template was adjusted for the port side and two more pieces of plywood cut. This second piece required a little bit of tweaking as the angle of the companionway on that side was noticeably different from the other.

When both pieces were about right they were glued up and brought into the house to warm up. That way I will be able to do something with them tomorrow, assuming I have time as it is shopping day tomorrow, whereas if I left them in the workshop the epoxy would not have cured enough.

Not a great deal of work done this evening but then I was also bidding on some oak laminates to use for building the tiller and had to finish before the auction finished.

The four pieces clamped or propped in place. Not bad.

The glued up pieces beside the Rayburn in the warm.