The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.11.10 - Fiddly Bits

The task for today was to plane the aft side of the aft-most roof beam so that the upstands fitted. The plane worked mostly but it was too large to get in close to the cabin sides so I resorted to a sanding disk on a small angle grinder to finish the job.

Next up was to find a way to hold the aft vertical frames against the cabin sides whilst the epoxy cured. Having found a way to do that I took a straight folder router bit to some edges in the fore cabin and then vacuumed the interior.

Finally for the day I glues up the vertical frames and clamped them agains the cabin sides to cure.

As you can see here the port upstand does not fit flush against the roof beam as the side of the beam is angled.

After some planing and sanding you can see that the fit is now much better.

This is a before photo showing the uneven edge in the fore cabin. The one on the other side is worse.

And here is the after photo.

Likewise the after photo for the other side.

Both side still need to be rounded but there is a lot more rounding to do so I'll leave it for now and do a mega-round up later on.

The two vertical frame clamped and pushed against the cabin sides.

I glued these up a little differently than recently. I propped the laminates in front of the heater to warm up before applying the epoxy. This certainly made it flow more easily whilst I applied it but also decreased the time I had before the epoxy became too stiff due to the more rapid curing once on the warm wood. The epoxy in the pot remained cold so I had the best of both worlds. I don't think I would like to try that with a lot of wood to epoxy but it certainly did the trick for this small amount of wood