The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.11.12 - More Wood and Epoxy

Not a lot of work done today but what I did manage to do was useful stuff. The first thing was to source some hardwood mouldings, specifically half round, quadrant and 'D' section. Our local Wines had the stock so I spend the morning travelling to King's Lynn, collecting the wood and returning.

The afternoon's task was to fix the vertical frames in place. The aft ones are necessary as the cabin up stands will be fixed to them and it made sense to do the others at the same time.

Here's the new pieces of timber.

And the three sections. The quadrant (on the left) will be used for various joins where the angle between the two pieces of wood is around 90 degrees. The other two will be used to cover the edges of the plywood such as around the coachroof and any other parts that don't look right without a covering piece.

The four vertical frames glued and screwed in place on the starboard side...

...and three on the port side. The reason for not putting in one of the frames is that the heater is going to be mounted in that area somewhere and I didn't want to put the frame in until I had the heater and had worked out how it was going to be fitted.