The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.11.13 - TORM

The main task for today was not a boat task at all. Instead it was a visit to The Original Re-enactor Market, colloquially know as TORM. This is held in Ryton on Dusmore just outside Coventry and is a two hour drive each way, so it took up all the morning and part of the afternoon.

The boat task for the day was the beam that will be sited under the tabernacle. I'd like this to be ready to work on tomorrow or the day after so it has been brought inside to warm up to allow the epoxy to cure faster.

The missing vertical frame was also laminated although not fixed into position just yet.

I also sat in the cockpit and thought about how the cabin upstands will be fixed. Fixing to the coachroof beam and the vertical frame will not be a problem as they can be epoxied, but the join to the bridge deck cannot use epoxy as the bridge deck is Oak and this epoxy does not like Oak. Something to do with the tannin content, I think. That is why the Oak construction so far has used a resorcinol glue. However, that requires a very closely fitting joint and temperatures well in excess of the current workshop temperature of between 0 and 8 Celsius. So, the bottom edge of the upstand will be bedded against the Oak using the polysulphide sealant. Once that has cured and the heater has been fitted, I'll see if running the heater will raised the temperature of the boat enough to be able to use resorcinol. If so then I'll glue a quadrant to the bridge deck using the resorcinol glue whilst simultaneously using epoxy to glue the other side of the quadrant to the upstand!


Me too.

The foredeck beam and for once I had enough cramps to do the job without resorting to screws. Five cramps to hold the formers in position, five cramps to hold the beam down so that it is mostly square, five cramps to hold the laminates against the formers and eight cramp to clamp the beam together between the formers. A total of twenty three cramps. That should do the job nicely.

The last vertical frame being laminated in place. It will be fixed to the half bulkhead upon which it rests as well as the cabin sides and will form part of the frame that will hold the heater rigidly in position.

The foerdeck beam in the kitchen next to the Rayburn. That should keep it warm enough to cure the epoxy by tomorrow.