The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.11.15 - Companionway and Reinforcements

First task of the day was to cut the runners, or whatever they are called, to stop the washboards from falling out. Washboards are boards that slot into the companionway to prevent access. I had to cut, plane and fit the four pieces of Oak and then bring them up to the house to warm up for gluing tomorrow.

After that I made six reinforcement that fit between the coachroof beams and the vertical frames. These needed fairly simple templates and I decided to document the process of making a template, just for a change.

The two aft cabin upstands with the slot-making pieces screwed in place.

A more informative view of the slot. As you can see one of the pieces of Oak has been cut away over half the width. The washboards are the same thickness as the upstands and this cutaway allows a little bit of space so that the boards will slide up and down easily.

The screws are on the inside so there's nothing to see or unscrew on the outside.

So, the first template and the corresponding reinforcements

And here they are clamped in place. The next two used pretty much the same template but the ones in front of that had a new template as they were bigger.

So, here we go. This has been offered up to the correct position and the position of the beam marked.

Join up the lines to give the cutting lines...

...and cut.

Then offer up again and check the fit. Too low, need to cut more off.

About that much.

And offer up again. Better.

Mark where the top of the roof beam goes, cut that off and mark the bottom of the vertical beam.

Set the saw to 30 degrees

Lay the template on the saw and use the laser line to show what a 30 degree slope would look like.

Change to 45 degrees...

And try again. Mark both lines in pencil...

...and offer up again and look at it. I think 45 degrees is better.

Here are all the reinforcements clamped. I stopped at this point as I was approaching three hours and getting tired. I'll glue them tomorrow.