The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.11.20 - Galley Refit

The last task of the day was to refit as much of the galley as I could before I became too tired. By the time I was starting to make mistakes but catching them before I made them I had everything except an new "bulkhead" and the catch for the new locker and that last one is because I don't have one yet. Oh, and I have to fit a fiddle rail on the shelf to stop anything put on it from falling off.

So, this is the new look for the galley. The locker door under the cooker won't stay closed. Well it does but as soon as I rock the boat getting out it falls open.

You can see that I mean about the air inlet of the heater being too close to the new galley from this picture.

The front end of the galley next to the heater will have a partition put in place just there. As you can see at the moment anything put into the locker can just fall out.

I'll buy a number of appropriately sized plastic boxes for the lockers, including the one that isn't built yet and fit then into the locker spaces. It will be a bit like playing Tetris to start with, but after a season of sailing I expect I'll have them all sorted out.

And the stove still fits.