The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.11.21 - And Yet More Templates

I'm back in the "work for three hours and have little to show for it" mode at the moment. The task was to put two partitions into the galley and for that I had to construct two more templates. Since the workbench is not inside the boat each time I need to make an adjustment it is clamber out of the boat, make the adjustment, clamber back in the boat and offer the template up to the space.

I managed to complete the work but it took three hours to do.

I am glad that I'm doing this before the coachroof goes on. It would be a lot harder to do otherwise.

There you are see the difference? No? Exactly!

Two partitions to stop things from either falling out or into the other licker.

And the air inlet is very close to the partition.