The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.11.22 - Latches and More Laminations

The three brass latches arrived today so the first task of the day was to chose one of them and fit it to the locker door under the stove. The next task was to laminate some more horizontal frames to his the fore-coachroof.

These are the three latches. The one on the left can only be used on vertically pivoted doors, the other two can be use on any door. The one on the right is a bit big for the locker door so I chose the one in the middle.

And here it is fitted to the locker. No longer will the locker door fall open every time I get out of the boat.

The two remaining major frames upon which the front part of the coachroof will be fixed.

Two smaller frame pieces to complete this part of the task.