The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.11.25 - Locker Storage

Speaking from the experience of having lived on a sailing boat for a number of years I can safely say that just having a locker does not make for good stowage. Take the two lockers in Naiad's galley. I would be very easy just to put things in but without some way of organising things within the locker, the result will be a jumbled up mess making it difficult to find things when you want them.

So, I now have to measure the locker spaces and find some plastic boxes that will fit in them. The boxes required for the locker under the stove need to be long and flat whereas the ones for the locker beside the stove need to be tall and thin. The galley shelf will probably also have a box or two as well. And it will not be just one box in the locker but several that all need to fit in the locker space.

There will be another locker under the bridge deck beside the galley. This space will also hold the battery so there will be a battery box as well as more plastic boxes.

Should be interesting.