The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.11.26 - Coachroof Preparations - Part I

The task for the day was to complete the various pieces of work so that the coachrooves can be cut and clamped in place tomorrow. This means fitting the aft cabin upstands, planing the beams to a good fit, planing the cabin sides to the correct angle and fitting two more reinforcing pieces to the forward beam.

The two cabin upstands now ready for glueing and screwing in place. The runners, or whatever they are called' have been planed, sanded and trimmed.

The top part of the forward runner has been cut away to make space for the beam.

The compression post footing has been screwed place ready for glueing.

And here we go. The upstands have been dry-fitted, that is they have been screwed into place to check the fit. The mistake of the day occurred whilst I was doing this. I didn't notice that the outboard part of the starboard upstand was caught on something and as I screwed the upstand into place it snapped along the glue line. Titebond III was used to glue the plywood to the Oak and epoxy used everywhere else.

I made sure that there was plenty of glue in the plywood/Oak join and I'll either carefully cut the excess away once the glue has gone rubbery but before it is hard, or I'll leave it as it will be covered by a quadrant anyway.

The bit that snapped off has beed glued back in place and a lead weight used to hold it in position as it its not possible to clamp or screw it.

This is one of the ventilation spaces under the port side deck.

It is about 6 1/2" wide and about 1 1/4" high. The one on the starboard side is about the same.

Finally, the excess epoxy I had from the glueing was used to fill the holes that were made trying to create a footing for the compression post.