The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.11.28 - Learning Something New

I decided to have the charcoal heater going while I worked on Naiad this evening but I wasn't being careful and instead of filling the fire chamber one quarter full of charcoal, I filled it up. I was thinking about the task ahead. But I heated the flue and lit the heater anyway and set about cutting the curve on the lower edge of the sloped section of the coachroof. One I had done that I checked the heater to find that it had gone out. Not to worry, more flue heating more lighting and I replaced the sloped section and checked the fit.

Still no fire. So, I had an old fire started that I had been given a couple of years ago in a khaki coloured foil wrapper (trioxide so I'm told) so I thought I'd use it up. Put it in the ash tray, light it, replaced the ash tray and opened the air inlet. Well, that was not a good idea. It lit alright but the fumes drop me out of the workshop. My goodness what an awful smell.

So I left the workshop doors open and went outside to take some fresh air. Then went back ion again, turned the air flow right down and came back to the house. I'll check it in an hour or so, but I'll not be doing that again.

You learn something new every day!