The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.12.01 - Still Too Cold For Epoxy

The temperature, although a tad warmer than it was, is still too cold for epoxy work in the workshop so this evening I decided the task for the day was to fit the port and dead lights. For the port lights this meant marking and drilling the holes in the cabin sides, trimming the hole itself where necessary and then putting the port light in place. It is only held in place with a single screw since the bronze machine screws that will hold it have not arrived as yet.

For the dead lights I had to drill the holes in the perspex first, then mark and drill the holes in the cabin sides. Drilling holes in the perspex has to be done carefully, try to make the holes too fast and the plastic will shatter. I marked the position of the six holes on one piece and drilled the holes with a 4mm HSS drill bit. Then I clamped the other four pieces to the first and using the holes in the first as a guide, drilled the six holes in the other pieces in one go. Then I put a 5mm drill bit through the stack widening each hole.

The port light on place albeit without the exterior ring and held in place with a single screw into a scrap piece of plywood. The one on the other side received the same treatment.

Both sides of the perspex is covered with a protective film and this was useful for marking the position of the holes using the dividers.

I made up this former to mark a ring on the cabin sides. The smaller of the two round pieces just fits into the holes in the cabin sides and the larger one just about marks the circle in which the screw holes will be drilled.

The long screw enabled me to hold it easily whilst marking the circle.

Not so easy to see but the lights are in place...

...on both sides. The protective film will be left in place until the dead lights are finally fitted.