The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.12.05 - Doing the Forward Coachroof Differently

The task for today was to extend the forward part of the coachroof slightly as I decided to make the join between the roof and the sloped part differently. I was going to force the sloped part forward at the centre so that it bowed the plywood to meet the coachroof and glue it in position. However, I thought that the strain on the plywood was probably a little too much, so I'll extend the coachroof aft a bit so that it meets the sloped section.

The sloped section has been trimmed in a curve at the bottom to match the curve on the forward part of the coachroof.

Here the coachroof is being extended. I'll extend it by about 2" and cut off the rest, I'm just leaving it in place for convenience. Once the epoxy is cured and the excess cut off, I'll offer it up to the sloped section and draw a line on the extended part where the join will be and trim that off.

Hopefully everything will be ready for the mega-epoxy task on Wednesday to Saturday when the temperature is forecast to be above 10 Celsius.