The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.12.10 - Bit More of a Setback

Work continues on slowly. I'm trying not to fall into the trap of working too hard on the boat and then requiring 2 months to recover my enthusiasm as I did last Christmas time. So, things are getting done, but not fast.

The coachroof now glued in place with the exception of one bit.

I need to find a strong plastic bag to use as an piping bag so that I can pipe a bead of epoxy into the gap between these two piece of plywood.

But the step back is this. The rubbing strake broke again when I tried to fix it to the boat and you can see that it has broken in a different place this time. That pretty much means that this piece of timber is just not up to the strain caused by the bend. So, I'll have to laminate up the rubbing strake around this part.

I notice that the rubbing strake on the other side is also not coping well. The grain in places is starting to lift as shown above, so I shall cut this side back before it also breaks and laminate a forward section as well.