The Naiad Voyages

Mark Austen

2016.12.11 - Preparing the Laminates

Before I can laminate the new rubbing strakes I have to do two things. The first is to prepare the laminates themselves and the second is to figure out how to hold them in place on the hull whilst the epoxy cures.

The timber from which the laminates are to be cut are 7-9mm thick, 50mm wide and 2650mm long. Each required rubbing strake is 28mm thick, 60mm wide and 1630mm long. I cut a number of 30mm and 20mm wide laminates from the timber I had and these will form the rubbing strake.

The 20mm and 30mm wide laminates.

Having the correct tools for the job results in some surprising things sometimes. The laminates were cut on a table saw and the remainder after cutting two 20mm wide pieces from a 50mm wide piece with just over 3mm for each cut are these pieces just 3mm wide.

This is how the rubbing strakes will be made up with overlapping strakes made up of a layer of 2 x 30mm then one of 3 x 20mm repeated twice. The stacks as you see them here are about 32mm high when clamped down so the planer was used next.

Each of these pieces is the same height as the others and that is 7mm giving a height of the required 28mm.

Now the trick is to hold them all together and in place on the null whilst the epoxy cures. The best I have come up with so far is to apply the epoxy to both sides of each of the laminates and the edges excusing the outer sides and edges and then to wrap them tightly in plastic. This will then be held against the hull temporarily using long screws although quite how I'll get that all done is another matter. The laminates cannot be clamped using cramps so I may have to recruit another pair of hands to assist by holding each straw in place at one end whilst I screw it to the hull from the other. The laminates will also need to be clamped across the width to keep the top and bottom edges square so this is going to be heavy and awkward.

Should be interesting.